Old African BENIN Bronze 3 Leopard Throne - BENIN City Nigeria



Wonderful large and 29 Lbs heavy BENIN Bronze Throne Benin carried by 3 leopards. For the Benin people, the leopard is a mighty and powerful royal animal, which rules the savanna as the king rules over his people. It also serves as a symbol of justice. The details of this throne are magnificent, the tribal configurations are sublime.

This bronze leopard Throne is of very high quality and made using the "lost wax" method, where the mold is lost during the casting process. Therefore, it is a unique piece.

Due to the primitive process the object shows some casting flaws, which gives it extra charm. The throne has a beautiful green, grey brown patina.

From an old collection from Brussels Belgium.

Good condition. See the pictures.

Dimensions approximately:
Height: 18.1 inch, 46 cm
Width: 14.2 inch, 36 cm

Depth: 14.2 inch, 36 cm
Weight: 29.1 lbs, 13.2 kg

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