Large 30" African NKISI Nail Fetish Figure, 2 heads - BACONGO - DR Congo



arge African Double Headed Nkisi statue of the BAKONGO tribe from Congo.

In African art, Nkisis are the embodiment of voodoo and witchcraft. Nkisis don’t only cure but also protect and promote hunting or fishing. It can also be used as a weapon and have a negative effect on the people involved. Pouches with magic substances were attached to the statue or nauls were hammered into the statue to activate its spiritual power. Small statues were for personal use, large statues like this served the whole village.

In this case the statue has 2 heads. On the belly a square container for "Bilongo", empowering materials or medicines. This container is covered with a piece of mirror. This is called the eye of the soul. Some nails on the front, in the foreheads and on the spine on the back. The statue has a skirt of cloth and animal skin.

Good condition, but possible signs of use. Please study the photos well.

Height: 29.5 inch, 75 cm. !!
Width: 9.8 inch, 25 cm.
Depth: 8.3 inch, 21 cm.

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